Thursday, February 4, 2016

New camera and project

    I recently bought a new camera. It is a Nikon D3300. I have always wanted a more advanced camera that has numerous settings and features. My new camera is not a film camera like my current one, it is digital. Film cameras need to be loaded with film in order to take pictures. Those pictures need to be developed with chemicals and then printed in a dark room with an enlarger machine. Digital cameras are an easier, hassle free alternative that lets you see your photographs instantly and in color. You can also print them out using your computer instead of a dark room and an enlarger machine. 
  For my next photo project, I plan to take pictures of the human body and what it can do. I have recently researched professional  photographers who use the human body and its form to create magnificent works of art. I have been insipired by  photographers all over the world, especially Russia where ballet photography is popular. I plan to take pictures of dancers and use thier skill to excentuate the human form. I'm am excited to start on my new project and discover what creative ideas I can add to my photography. 



  1. Yea that camera looks amazing and I bet you will take some awesome photos with that camera.

  2. I remember having photography with you sophomore year. I'm glad your interest with photography is still there. You were great then and I'm sure you're even better now.