Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New photo project

    My film camera I use to take pictures for my school projects recently malfunctioned causing me to loose my most recent pictures. I took a roll of film based on the human body, which is my new project. Unfortunately, they were unable to be developed and printed due to my broken camera. The pictures were not exposed to light properly due to loose screws in the camera's lense. I have obtained a functioning camera and will continue to add photos to my new project. 
   I begun using flash to take pictures in the dark.  Flash is difficult to use because you have to adjust the settings on the camera to work with the flash attachment. I have not experimented with flash on a film camera yet and hope that my pictures will look the way I want.  I used face and body paint to give my pictures a mysterious look. Although all the paint was extrelmy difficult to wipe off, it was worthit at the end. For my next set of photos, I plan to use the pool or beach and take pictures of people posing in the water and sand. 


  1. That sucks that your camera broke. But good luck with the experimenting. I hope it comes out good

  2. It's tragic that your camera broke, but at least you got a better one that looks better. Good luck with your new project, I can't wait to see what you come out with.