Thursday, January 28, 2016

Photography project

    For my latest photography project, my partner and I used horror and fantasy to create amazing photraphs that stood out among the others. In my last blog, I posted pictures of the first photographs that were added to my project. I will be posting new photos as the project progresses. 
   My partner and I enjoyed taking the next set of pictures for our project. My partner had the idea of using water and fog create a creepy environment for taking pictures. we also used costumes and paint to add to the fantasy part of the project. This idea was difficult to incorporate, since I slipped several times while posing. Even though it was difficult to put together, we still managed to finish the next set of photographs. After many sets of pictures, we were finally satisfied with the results. It is difficult to know what the pictures look like, since they have to be developed and printed in a dark room with special chemicals. We are excited to keep adding  pictures to our project and show them off as we go. 


  1. This is pretty cool! It seems like a great hobby and it seems really fun!

  2. These pictures came out really nice! I would have to say the first one is definitively my favorite.