Friday, February 26, 2016

First photos from new project

  Over the weekend, I took many photographs. They are all of me because I could not find a model. I used flash and a timer to take these photos. A timer is used when there is nobody to take the picture. It took a while to figure out the new camera I used. After connecting the flash and setting the timer, I posed against a blank wall. I drew interesting designs on my face and got creative. This set of photos were extremely difficult to take. I had a lot of fun dispite the obstacles. 
  Since I was taking pictures in the dark and using flash, the photos came out giany and a little blurry. I had to focus the photos in the dark room so they would appear clearer when printed. I had to re print them several times to get the pictures to show up on the photos paper, since they were dark. I am happy with the results and plan to use more techniques. I also plan on getting models and taking pictures of different people. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Photo project on the human body

  For my latest photo project on the human body, I came up with many interesting ideas that will make my pictures stand out. I used body and face paint to create a mystical effect. I painted black and white lines on my face and neck. I also had a friend paint a blue and white sun on my back. I am getting a smoke machine from a friend to give an extra boost to my photos. For the first part of the project, I used myself as the subject for the pictures. I plan to obtain more models that I can use to show how each person is different. I also plan to show how flaws can be beautiful and how they make people unique. 
   I have not completed my first roll of pictures for the project. I will finish the roll of film this weekend when I have access to props, lights, backgrounds,and more people to use as models. I will use the flash attachment that one of my bother's friends gave me to take pictures in the dark. I will upload my first set of photographs for my project when they are developed and printed. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New photo project

    My film camera I use to take pictures for my school projects recently malfunctioned causing me to loose my most recent pictures. I took a roll of film based on the human body, which is my new project. Unfortunately, they were unable to be developed and printed due to my broken camera. The pictures were not exposed to light properly due to loose screws in the camera's lense. I have obtained a functioning camera and will continue to add photos to my new project. 
   I begun using flash to take pictures in the dark.  Flash is difficult to use because you have to adjust the settings on the camera to work with the flash attachment. I have not experimented with flash on a film camera yet and hope that my pictures will look the way I want.  I used face and body paint to give my pictures a mysterious look. Although all the paint was extrelmy difficult to wipe off, it was worthit at the end. For my next set of photos, I plan to use the pool or beach and take pictures of people posing in the water and sand. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

New camera and project

    I recently bought a new camera. It is a Nikon D3300. I have always wanted a more advanced camera that has numerous settings and features. My new camera is not a film camera like my current one, it is digital. Film cameras need to be loaded with film in order to take pictures. Those pictures need to be developed with chemicals and then printed in a dark room with an enlarger machine. Digital cameras are an easier, hassle free alternative that lets you see your photographs instantly and in color. You can also print them out using your computer instead of a dark room and an enlarger machine. 
  For my next photo project, I plan to take pictures of the human body and what it can do. I have recently researched professional  photographers who use the human body and its form to create magnificent works of art. I have been insipired by  photographers all over the world, especially Russia where ballet photography is popular. I plan to take pictures of dancers and use thier skill to excentuate the human form. I'm am excited to start on my new project and discover what creative ideas I can add to my photography.