Friday, February 26, 2016

First photos from new project

  Over the weekend, I took many photographs. They are all of me because I could not find a model. I used flash and a timer to take these photos. A timer is used when there is nobody to take the picture. It took a while to figure out the new camera I used. After connecting the flash and setting the timer, I posed against a blank wall. I drew interesting designs on my face and got creative. This set of photos were extremely difficult to take. I had a lot of fun dispite the obstacles. 
  Since I was taking pictures in the dark and using flash, the photos came out giany and a little blurry. I had to focus the photos in the dark room so they would appear clearer when printed. I had to re print them several times to get the pictures to show up on the photos paper, since they were dark. I am happy with the results and plan to use more techniques. I also plan on getting models and taking pictures of different people. 


  1. This is really cool! I tried using a timer in my camera once but I couldn't figure it out lol

  2. I enjoy seeing your photos because they are really unique. If you ever need a model I'm down to it as long as I get paid.