Friday, March 11, 2016

The dark room

I have decided to talk about the dark room for this blog. The dark room is an interesting place where creativity comes to life. The dark room is the place that photographs get printed after they have been developed. The dark room is painted black and has no lighting except for a photo safe light that allows people printing photos to see what they are doing. In the dark room, there are many odd looking machines called enlargers. They hold the strips of developed negative film and project the images on the film strips onto photo sensitive paper. This exposes the photo paper to light, darkening the areas the light hits, printing out the photograph. Photo paper darkens when exposed to light. You can adjust the knobs on the side of the machine to enlarge the picture or shrink it. You can also set a timer for how many minutes you want your picture to be exposed. The exposure time depends on the conditions in which the photograph was taken. Photographs taken in bright light need a longer exposure time than photographs taken in a low light setting.  After the picture is successfully exposed, it is dropped in multiple chemicals that make the exposed areas of the phot paper show. The paper begins to darken after a minute of being in the chemicals, and the image appears. The image is then rinsed off with clean water and placed in a drier for one minute. The unique processes are one of my favorite parts about photgaphy. The dark room continues to amaze me.  


  1. I've never taken a photography class before, however I always hear about the dark room. I honestly never knew what that was. I just thought it was a room you took more pictures in. This post really informed me!

  2. Such a creepy looking room. Still very cool and informative post!