Friday, March 18, 2016

Developing process/rolling film

    Before printing out a photograph, you have to know the many processes involved with black and white film photography.  There are many rules and steps needed in order to create a beautiful photo. Before you take your negative film strips to the dark room, you have to develop them first. I will describe the steps to the first part of the developing process. 
    First, you need to roll your film. You get a black film bag,a metal rolling wheel, a film openener, and a small metal can. You insert these items into the sealed black bag, which looks like a small backpack. You put your arms through the slots on the side of the bag. These slots allow you to roll your film around the wheel and seal it in the metal can without exposing any film to light. after your arms are in the bag , you feel for your film and start rolling it around the wheel. Your film should slide easily between the two metal plates of the wheel. After you have finished, you put the wheel with the film wrapped around it, in the can. You seal the cam with a plastic lid and take it out of the bag. You are now ready to use chemicals to develop your film, so it can be printed in the dark room later on. 

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  1. Very interesting I never really knew how this process worked