Friday, January 22, 2016

Photography life

    Ever since I  held a professional camera for the first time on the first day of tenth grade, I have been completely hooked. Photography has become my passion and favorite hobby. I have worked with many different cameras and have excelled throughout my high school years.  I work with my classmates and friends to create spectacular collaboration projects. My photos have been displayed at art shows and have been entered in multiple competitions. I am proud for advancing into the highest level photography class in Palmetto High School and being recognized for my photos. I become more creative with each photo project I do.
     Recently I have worked with a good friend on a collaborative photo project. Our theme was horror. I did not particularly like this theme previous to the assignment given in photo class.  The project was not as difficult to complete than I believed. Once we got to work, creativity poured from our minds onto the photo paper. My idea to use paint and costumes went well with the theme. I enjoyed being a model. I enjoy helping my peers on projects mostly because I like posing for pictures and being part of the photo process.


  1. Great post, i am actually thinking about getting a D3300 as my first camera. Some people say canon is better, but i am still researching about it.

  2. Thanks! I heard canon is better as well.